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Intelligent Power When Failure is Not an Option

IPERC (Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation) intelligent microgrid technologies maximize efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption by up to 40 percent. Our cyber-secure, collaborative intelligence software and compact field-tested hardware form a complete distributed controls solution that is inherently more robust, more adaptable and more reliable than any alternative on the market. Our team is comprised of experts in control systems, cyber security and essential microgrid elements, including generators, solar power and energy storage. With this diverse expertise, we are able to tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

The GridMaster® is a community of Intelligent Power Controllers (IPCs) which together form a cyber-secure, intelligent microgrid control system. IPERC's solution fully integrates both new and legacy infrastructure into a unified local power network. The system's distributed design and construction ensures mission critical continuity of operations and eliminates single points of failure. Ultimately, the IPERC solution is an economical and effective way to achieve maximum energy independence.

Our Intelligent Solution Provides:

  • Immediate, measurable reduction in cost
  • Reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Military-tested security and resilience
  • Optimal integration of renewable energy sources
  • Revenue potential from sale of services to utility grid
  • Scalability to meet infrastructure changes
  • Engineering to accommodate emerging technologies
  • Extremely reliable backup power for critical systems

Our Mission

To be a leader in providing transformational energy solutions in the areas of control, intelligent power management, green building design and environmental and energy services. IPERC has developed the GridMaster® which harnesses the latest generation of information technologies:

  • Artificial intelligence software
  • Compact hardware
  • Distributed controller devices installable in any power system
  • True plug-and-play capability
  • Remote monitoring and communications capabilities

Our History: Improving Reliability, Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Cost

IPERC was founded with the central mission of advancing the power of energy in order to provide a more intelligent and efficient control system capable of reducing costs, enhancing security and providing continuous power when failure is not an option. IPERC was founded in 2004 by Lieutenant Colonel (R) Darrell Massie, Ph.D., P.E., a West Point Professor and GridMaster® technology innovator with more than two decades of experience shaping the evolution of the microgrid industry. Over the past decade, IPERC has experienced rapid and consistent growth in both size and revenue. Located in Fort Montgomery, New York, just outside the gates of the United States Military Academy, IPERC holds deep connections with the US Army, and is honored to provide solutions that equip, protect and support the US warfighter.

With decades of research and development experience, including more than 40 individual efforts with Army, DoD, DoE and private funding, IPERC technologies offer proven field-tested performance and unrivaled security. IPERC has successfully leveraged three DoD Phase II SBIRs - "Demand Side Management" and "Plug and Play Architecture," and six successful demonstrations on diverse, full-scale operational applications (two buildings, one cogeneration facility, three microgrid). IPERC recently redesigned the GridMaster® for complete decentralized decision-making and control. Ultimately, our DoD clients trust us to deliver intelligent solutions that not only meet requirements, but also outperform competitive systems in security, resilience, durability and operational cost.

Legacy of Innovation and Vision for Tomorrow

IPERC has patents in place, and additional patents pending, submitted for proprietary IPERC technologies, helping to ensure that our systems will continue to raise the standard for intelligent microgrid controls. While IPERC technologies were developed in support of military missions, our field-tested solutions provide considerable benefit to clients in the commercial sector. By incorporating green and renewable energy sources and making the most efficient use of energy from the public utility grid, IPERC's clients are experiencing considerable reduction in energy costs and CO2 emissions, while enjoying extremely reliable backup power. Ultimately, IPERC has led the charge toward a more energy-intelligent society and continues to provide smarter, cleaner, more secure solutions to keep the lights on when it matters most.

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