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The Microgrid Difference: When, Where and Why

Microgrids provide a distinct opportunity to bring new capabilities, energy cost reduction, enhanced reliability and resiliency to the grid through distributed intelligence and autonomy. An integral aspect of successful microgrids is providing the user with the ability to easily access, monitor and adjust the system as needed.

Microgrids need the ability to integrate multiple types and sizes of generation sources and energy storage and may provide for prioritized load shedding. Generation sources include both existing infrastructure and new expansion such as diesel generators, solar PV, wind, fuel cell or energy storage.

The IPERC GridMaster® Microgrid Controller is currently deployed and operational in multiple locations throughout the United States and delivers the optimum cyber-secure controls architecture to install, operate and maintain a true microgrid ranging from low-to-high power sites.

Microgrid Applications Include:

  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Military