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IPERC Microgrid Intelligent Power Controller

GridMaster® Microgrid Control System

IPERC's GridMaster® - Harnessing the Power of Microgrids

The control system is the backbone of a microgrid. It is the key to unlocking the microgrid's benefits, and it is the critical component that makes the microgrid "smart". IPERC has raised the bar for intelligent controls with the innovative GridMaster® control system, a cutting-edge microgrid control network architecture that offers the ultimate in intelligence and performance.

IPERC's GridMaster® monitors the status of the microgrid components in real time. Optimization algorithms make intelligent decisions and issue control signals to meet critical loads and minimize fuel consumption, even turning off unneeded generation until it is required. Devices can be added or removed, and GridMaster® distributed Intelligent Power Controllers (IPCs) will recognize changes and adjust control algorithms accordingly. Any controller may be the "master" and can operate in isolation. GridMaster® can be THE control system that integrates power components into a microgrid or can be an energy security and optimization overlay to existing controls.

IPERC's GridMaster® is collaborative intelligence, and it's the future of energy.

Gridmaster<sup>®</sup> Microgrid Controller Solution Model

GridMaster® System Key Benefits

  • Controls that learn equipment performance and usage load patterns and self-calibrate to changes
  • Develop control strategies that anticipate future requirements
  • Reduction in costs and improved accuracy and quality control for processes that are not well understood
  • Expertise in dispatch control for power systems

Innovative Thinking, Intelligent Controls

IPERC has developed the IPC (Intelligent Power Controller) a neural network-based controller for sophisticated modeling and control of demand and power sources. This innovative controller uses predictive control techniques to reduce total operating cost and energy consumption. Virtually all controllers attempt to yield optimum system performance, but few can accomplish this goal with large energy systems due to system complexity. Because the IPC uses advanced pattern recognition techniques it is able to learn equipment behavior without added controller complexity.

By constantly observing system behavior, the IPC automatically adjusts the system to compensate for equipment deterioration through normal use or changing load patterns. This allows for continually updated equipment information and provides as the ability to detect long-term equipment change. In addition, this approach allows for component-based prognostics and diagnostics and the capability for condition based maintenance.

Our custom user interface consists of modules that are designed for both managers and operators. They provide a comprehensive set of forecasting tools that allow for easy visualization and understanding of energy usages. The IPC provides all the data collection and visualization in a comprehensive interface that is intuitively designed for every level of usability.

Ultimately, our innovative microgrid control systems are revolutionizing the industry and empowering our clients to use energy more intelligently. The GridMaster® and IPC systems are ushering in a new era of smart, sustainable, cost-effective energy. Are you ready to plug in? Contact Us to learn more.