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The Microgrid Revolution

Microgrids Defined: A Smarter, Safer Energy Solution

Microgrids are local power grids with independent power sources that can disconnect from the utility grid. Think of the system as a smaller version of the public utility grid, only optimized and localized to distribute and regulate the flow of energy specifically to those who need it, at the precise levels required. Microgrids can encompass a single building or stretch across a large campus. A single microgrid can integrate multiple power sources, including conventional sources along with renewables to provide maximum energy surety, flexibility and cost savings.

In the short term, microgrids provide an immediate reduction in overall energy cost, help measurably reduce CO2 emissions and provide ultra-reliable continuous power supply. In the long term, facilities and communities enjoy a safer, smarter and cleaner energy infrastructure to keep the lights on when they're needed most, keep costs down and the environment clean.

Microgrid Benefits Include:

  • Reliable backup power through locally generated (un-purchased) energy
  • Slashed energy costs through demand-adjusted capacity and component optimization
  • Achieve Energy Independence - operate independently or in parallel operation with the bulk grid; reduced reliance on public utilities.
  • Renewables integration - cleaner sources, higher penetration
  • Increased energy surety/security - protection from bulk grid outages and cyber attacks
  • Revenue generation potential through buy-back and grid services programs

Microgrid Revolution: New Era of Energy

Every revolution needs a passionate advocate with new ideas to break the status quo. Microgrids are the technology disruptor of the current supply chain of electricity and grid services. They're the leaders of the energy revolution, inviting in a new era of smarter, safer energy.

Microgrid innovations, such as IPERC's GridMaster® System, are decentralizing power generation and distribution, effectively reducing reliance on large, remote power plants. The microgrid's ability to disconnect from the utility grid and rely on localized generation and autonomous control creates numerous opportunities for improvements to energy infrastructure. These include a more diverse set of energy source and storage options, better energy security during grid outages, and a new level of flexibility in optimization schemes. Affordable, clean, reliable power sources and distribution methods will have a new, distributed platform in which to proliferate.

The revolution is electrified and IPERC is leading the vanguard with intelligent microgrid controls solutions that maximize the benefits of microgrid systems. Our unique technologies offer enhanced performance, cyber-secure resilience and unrivaled dependability. To learn more about IPERC's cutting edge solutions, please contact us directly at (800) 815-6183, or visit our Contact Page.