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IPERC set the standard for the intelligent microgrid controls industry. Our innovative approach and proven delivery have helped clients in both the military and commercial sectors save money, improve security, reduce emissions and prevent power failure. Whether we're developing new methods to incorporate emerging technologies or applying proven techniques to maximize efficiency of existing infrastructure, our pioneering work provides measurable benefits.

As a result of our innovative research and development, IPERC currently holds two patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including:

Patent 1: Automated control of a power network using metadata and automated creation of predictive process models U.S. Patent 8,447,707

The first patent, awarded in May of 2013, details IPERC's fundamental approach to microgrid controls. This patent addresses the IPERC-developed GridMaster® Microgrid Control System and encompasses the concept of distributing intelligence among the components of a power network. This design allows for collection, transmission, evaluation and automated action upon collected data about each component's electrical activity.

Patent 2: Dynamically controlling configuration of a power grid comprising one or more stand-alone sub-grids U.S. Patent 8,350,412

The second patent, awarded in January of 2013, protects the concept of the Grid Connect Unit-base approach to mobile microgrids. This approach examines the concept of establishing sub-grids with sources and loads followed by automatic monitoring. Prototypes of the grid-connect unit are currently in development and testing of this approach is underway.

Patent Application Publication: Automated identification of components connected in a power grid U.S. Patent Publication Number US-2015-0142197-A1

This patent application publication, as of May 21, 2015, describes the technology for identifying the location of electric loads in a power grid. We developed a technique whereby each device on the network indicates its presence through the use of a short, rapidly oscillating current draw that can be detected by sensors and our advanced pattern recognition techniques. Thus, when the system recognizes that a load is added to or removed from the grid, an automatic process is initiated whereby each transmitter issues a beacon while each receiver listens. The process is repeated for each load in the grid and the results can be used to create a topology showing the relative locations of all sources and loads.

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