Camp Smith Hawaii Microgrid Control Solution


IPERC to Implement Microgrid Control System for Camp Smith


The SPIDERS program focuses on the use of Smart Grid technologies, integration of renewable power generation, and energy storage, demand-side management, redundant power back-up, and protection from cyber threats to sustain mission-critical loads.

The objectives of Phase III of the SPIDERS JCTD were:

  • Improve mission-critical load reliability
  • Reduce fuel reliance with renewable energy integration
  • Increase generator efficiency
  • Reduce energy system risk through cyber security
  • Support installation backup power mode
  • Seamless islanding and reconnection to utility
  • Support revenue generation while grid connected

IPERC was selected to participate in each Phase of the effort which has increased in volume and complexity. Phase III serves as the "run" step in the crawl, walk, run approach for SPIDERS.


Phase III was awarded September of 2013, and will provide a microgrid encompassing all of Camp H.M. Smith, HI. As prime contractor, IPERC will install a base-wide microgrid control system, which will incorporate critical and non-critical loads.

Phase III will emphasize cyber security, reliability and economic return on investment.

IPERC's control solution will include:

  • Customized microgrid control hardware and software
  • Cyber secure interface
  • Interface including communications between an overall microgrid and two sub-grids
  • Microgrid networking


The project has been commissioned and authority to operate issued in 2015.

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