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IPERC Microgrid Intelligent Power Controller

Stationary & Critical Power

Savings, Flexibility and Performance

IPERC's intelligent microgrid controls systems provide immediate, measurable benefits for stationary facilities that require an alternate source of energy outside of the main public utility grid. By making existing infrastructure behave more intelligently and by incorporating and maximizing the use of renewable resources, IPERC microgrid controls give an energy brain to stationary facilities."

Intelligent Primary Power

The IPERC solution optimizes output among multiple generation assets, using the power that is necessary, only when it's needed. This includes power from renewable resources that are easily integrated to operate alongside legacy sources. This delivers a green image to current conventional power generation.

Immediate Reduction in Cost

One of the most tangible benefits to stationary facilities is that the IPERC GridMaster® delivers substantial fuel savings over traditional systems, typically between 25% to 50% reduction right from the outset. The dual benefits of lower cost of energy and reduced emissions as a result of reduction in consumption of fossil fuels provides immediate benefits to the bottom line, and to the environment. The reduction in reliance on fossil fuel infrastructure diminishes the need for routine maintenance, and makes necessary maintenance even easier. In addition, the IPERC system is designed to scale as needed, with the ability to accommodate emerging technologies.

Summary of Cost Benefits

  • Allows intelligent integration of grid power and on-site generation
  • Cuts utility electric bill
  • Load shedding and peak shaving goals can be achieved
  • Opportunities for grid services revenue
  • EVs can be integrated
  • Integrates renewables
  • Allows renewables to contribute both with or without grid power
  • Confers green image to facility
  • Provides flexible, resilient backup power
  • Greater range and flexibility in allocating available backup power
  • Provides critical energy assurance, eliminating single points of failure