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Intelligent Power Controller

IPERC System Benefits

Intelligent Power Control Systems

IPERC developed the innovative GridMaster™ , harnessing the latest generation of information technologies. The IPC combines state-of-the-art analytics and artificial intelligence with low-cost, small footprint hardware to enable plug-and-play energy control applications as well as device and systems interoperability. Energy control applications include distributed energy resources, microgrid management, intelligent load controland smart charging applications.

GridMaster Immediate Benefits

The GridMaster meets all electrical demand while maximizing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. The GridMaster has the ability of flexible scaling and automatic reconfiguration of a portable grid to meet ever changing, urgent battlefield priorities. The IPC connects to any provider or consumer of electricity and has the ability to manage and monitor energy decisions across a unit with minimal human interaction. The GridMaster offers fail safe operation with manual override and can be applied to generators, tactical, Forward Operating Bases or Installations.

IPERC Intelligent Power Controls Provide:

  • A cyber-secure islanded microgrid, when and where you need it
  • Immediate reduction in cost; considerable long-term savings
  • Measurable reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Military-tested security and resilience
  • Optimal integration of renewable energy sources
  • Revenue potential from sale of services to utility grid
  • Scalable to match new infrastructure and emerging technologies
  • Extremely reliable backup power provides mission-critical continuity

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