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Tactical & Mobile Power

Advancing Power on the Front Lines

On the front lines, decisions are quick and lives are at stake. Continuous, reliable power is essential mission success. When power failure is not an option, IPERC intelligent controls keep the lights on. Our Tactical and Mobile microgrid systems ensure mission-critical continuity of operations, while maximizing the use of diverse energy resources, all within a robust cyber-secure infrastructure that is hardened against attacks.

IPERC systems are ideal for applications where requirements include:

Automatically Reconfigurable Microgrids

The quantity and layout of power sources and loads change often in mobile settings and as a result control systems must have mechanisms for identifying connected components automatically. To maximize operational efficiency and capability, multiple generators in a system may be paralleled through IPERC's unique fast switching Grid Connect Units. IPERC controls provide a dynamic, secure solution to automatically reconfigured sources.

Retrofit Solutions

Often, mobile systems have been built with legacy equipment and were never intended to be a part of a microgrid. IPERC offers an adaptable retrofitsolution and accommodates legacy infrastructure, making the most of existing equipment. When replacing existing equipment is not an option, IPERC's products will add increased intelligence and effectiveness to the mobile system.

Simplicity Is Required

IPERC solutions are ideal when control system communications must not be cumbersome or create additional complexity. Often it is necessary for a system to maintain a separate network of communications cables, in addition to power cables. IPERC controls can integrate without additional cabling. Even when the development objective is to communicate through the power cables (power line carrier), IPERC offers the flexibility to accommodate.

Portability and Durability

When all new components must be rugged, compact and lightweight to allow easy mobility, IPERC controls are the ideal solution. With maximum impact and minimal size, IPERC designs intelligent controls that are battle-ready.

Tactical Power Systems In Action

IPERC has developed a full-scale prototype for a tactical operations center where we have embedded the IPC into standard equipment making it intelligent. IPERC has demonstrated 36% or greater fuel reduction in tactical generators.

Our best energy alternatives are to invest in demand reduction technologies and to support increased weapon systems energy demand. One way to increase efficiency is by sharing energy from a system of systems perspective, based on the concept of energy sharing. Systems must be able to share energy with other systems by obtaining it from those that have excess and moving it to those that need it. Such power systems allow for energy sharing between platforms and help alleviate the problem of soldiers and tactical systems being stranded on the battlefield due to localized energy shortages.

IPERC has developed a tactical grid with an embedded high level system controller with "plug-and-play" capabilities that has the capacity to integrate legacy systems that do not have embedded intelligence. IPERC's approach has the ability to accommodate the current large fleet of non-synchronous generators that dominate our military. IPERC has incorporated "plug-and-play" capabilities into the tactical energy control system architecture. Such a system allows for intelligent planning of deployments of energy sources, based on the monitoring and management of demand under both normal and extreme operating conditions. Certain key electrical loads (for example, tactical operations centers) will undergo dramatic changes in intensity depending on the tactical situation. It is crucial to ensure electrical power can be properly channeled to where it is needed in a timely fashion.