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IPERC – Acquired by S&C

IPERC, a wholly owned subsidiary of S&C Electric Company since August 2016, has fully transitioned into its parent company.

S&C’s acquisition of IPERC, the microgrid controls provider and cybersecurity lead for the 2015 Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy, Reliability and Security (SPIDERS) and other DoD projects, brought the state-of-the-art GridMaster® Microgrid Control System and cybersecurity services expertise to the S&C team.

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IPERC History

IPERC (Intelligent Power & Energy Research Company) was founded in 2004 by Dr. Darrell Massie, PE. With roots in military research and development, the company has a legacy of innovation. IPERC’s mission has been to identify and provide the right energy solutions based on customers’ unique needs.

Acquired by S&C Electric Company in 2016, IPERC was a leading innovator in advanced microgrid control solutions and cybersecurity for industrial control systems. IPERC’s legacy of innovation continues, with S&C providing solutions and services that range from advanced microgrid control systems to tailored energy system cybersecurity consulting.