Resiliency When You Need it Most

Resilient energy is a fundamental part of successful business operations. Commercial and industrial energy managers are increasingly choosing microgrids as a proven source of reliable power. It is crucial to choose a microgrid control provider that offers adaptability for your energy system and a deep understanding of how microgrids can meet your unique energy goals.

IPERC’s intelligent microgrid controls offer C&I organizations a method to actively control energy costs, integrate renewable assets to meet sustainability goals, and ensure reliable power for critical business operations. IPERC has proven experience in implementing successful microgrid installations across multiple business sectors.


Resilient, distributed control architecture prevents a single point of failure and handles unexpected events without interruption.


Seamless integration of new or existing renewable energy assets into microgrids to reduce or eliminate fossil-fuel emissions.

Energy Optimization

Intelligent generation dispatch designed for user-defined optimization of energy cost, fuel use, and penetration of renewable energy resources.


Proven history of successful microgrid deployments including installations validated by U.S Department of Energy national laboratories and the Department of Defense.


IPERC Capabilities Brochure

IPERC Capabilities Brochure

Learn more about IPERC’s commercial and industrial capabilities, including details on how the GridMaster Microgrid Control System provides energy reliability, security and cost savings.