Intelligent Controls Make Your Smart City Smarter

Municipalities across the world increasingly utilize smart-city technology to advance their communities. Microgrids are an integral component of smart city infrastructure, as they take cities one step above the rest with intelligent control of energy. A truly smart city requires an energy system of the future.

When the unexpected happens, resilient power is necessary to maintain critical service operations such as healthcare and public safety. Our intelligent controls optimize energy assets so your microgrid always functions efficiently, both when the utility grid is up and when it’s down. The right microgrid controls offer your city unmatched resiliency when you need it most.

Energy Optimization

Microgrid assets are controlled with maximum efficiency and cost savings.


Distributed control architecture ensures system resiliency even when the unexpected occurs.


Seamless integration of renewable assets into your microgrid to minimize carbon footprint and greenhouse-gas emissions.


Military-accredited, Defense-in-Depth security protocols provide your city infrastructure with maximum protection from cyber attacks.


IPERC - North Bay Hydro Community Energy Park

North Bay Hydro Community Energy Park

IPERC will provide the intelligent GridMaster® Microgrid Control System for the upcoming microgrid deployment at North Bay Hydro’s Community Energy Park.
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