System of the Future

Utilities are experiencing momentous change, as new energy drivers come into play disrupting the traditional model. Addressing customer-driven needs and ensuring power reliability are now at the forefront of these changes. There is an increasing demand to integrate renewable assets and distributed energy resources, while also protecting the grid from associated cybersecurity risks. As utilities face these new challenges, they also navigate regulatory concerns that accompany market innovation.

Microgrids are quickly becoming the innovative solution that modern utilities require to drive industry transformation. IPERC’s Microgrid Control Systems solve these new utility challenges. Our team understands the complexity of microgrids, and will work with you to identify the solutions that best match your project goals. With proven utility microgrid experience and an accomplished team of power solution providers, we are the ideal partner to transform your needs into energy solutions of the future.

Energy Optimization

Microgrid assets are optimized to perform as efficiently and economically as possible based on system requirements.


IPERC’s modular control system makes it easy to add assets or loads and updates do not require changes to core code.


The only microgrid control system to hold an Authorization to Operate (ATO) security accreditation from the Department of Defense.


Over a decade of innovative research and development leading to successful microgrid deployments.


IPERC Ameren Case Study

Ameren Illinois Microgrid

The Ameren Illinois Technical Applications Center project features the nation’s first cybersecure utility microgrid. This innovative microgrid includes over a dozen different use cases made possible by the GridMaster control system.


Ameren Illinois Microgrid

View our parent company S&C Electric’s Ameren Illinois microgrid project video, featuring IPERC’s GridMaster microgrid control system.

IPERC - Why You Need Intelligent Controls for Your Utility Microgrid

Why Choose Intelligent Controls for Your Utility Microgrid?

Maximize the value of your microgrid with an intelligent control system. Learn how the GridMaster®, a proven control system of the future, protects the value of your investment.